Tuesday, 14 May 2013

[30 BEFORE 30] my bucket list

Over the years I have been getting better and better at achieving my goals - however it is actually quite hard to think of 30 things I have not done that I would like to realistically achieve in the next, well, 1.25 years. Some of these shouldn't be that far-fetched knowing my plans for the next few months. Others I may never get the chance to do, but there's nothing wrong with putting it out there, right? Perhaps with having this list, the universe will conspire to help me!

here is me on my 2nd birthday!

1. go on a road trip
2. take up a new sport
3. enter a design competition
4. make the perfect macaroon
5. do 15 burpee's with out stopping...this has be a problem for me so far!
6. learn to knit
7. buy a "good" camera
8. throw a theme party
9. start a family
10. go sailing (again)
11. have a home studio
12. make a family cookbook
13. get 500 followers on my blog
14. learn to cook a Chinese dish...for my husband
15. run 10k
16. go river kayaking
17. take an art class
18. complete a quilt (I have several started!)
19. go to "Mooses" with my husband
20. do something with the blank canvas sitting in our bedroom
21. teach my husband to sew
22. recycle or re-purpose an old piece of furniture
23. volunteer
24. hit up an outdoor flea market - like the ones you see on tv
25. matchmake :)
26. fill a sketch book
27. go for a real picnic...the kind with the red + white checkered blanket, etc
28. go on a camping trip (this means more than one night...)
29. beat my husband at a game of squash (or racquetball) - any one willing to help me practice?
30. get the email icon on my blog to work!!!!

I will keep you updated on my progress :)

Anyone else close to a "milestone" birthday?!
What is a goal you had always wanted to achieve and finally did?


  1. Okay, now you have me thinking because my next birthday is a big one. Perhaps I'll create my own list, although I do tend to do this anyway. Good luck, especially with #29 (mine would be golf, but I did beat my husband once- his worst game and my best LOL)!

  2. Love this idea, and what a fantastic and diverse list!! Good luck and well done. I am sure you are going to have an exciting year (and a quarter ;) ahead!!

  3. I love lists like these! Number 21 made me laugh. I set goals at the begininng of each year, so far this year I've crossed a bunch off like 'learn to cook chinese food' and 'organize receipts for tax purposes' (second one was a little more boring than the first)