Monday, 30 September 2013

[LIFE AS I KNOW IT] japan 2013, part one, kyoto

My husband and I recently got back from a 2 week vacation in Japan. We had both been to Japan before so there were lots of things we wanted to see and do again while leaving time to explore. We also dedicated a large portion of our trip to spending time with friends living in Tokyo.

Here are some pictures from our time in Kyoto. We were only there 3 days, so we made the most of them.

Sanjusangendo Temple - inside this temple there are 1001 Buddhist statues, it is incredible 
to see as you walk thru the long main hall. Photos can not be taken on the inside of 
any of the temples so you will have to take my word on it ;)

At all of the temples you can but a fortune for 100 yen (about $1) and tie it on one of the racks.

My fortune was very good :) 

After walking up the road, stairs, etc you arrive at Kiyomizu-dera. The view from here is beautiful. 
There is not a single nail used in the construction of this temple...crazy! 

Here are some Japanese ladies lighting incense. 

 The roads leading up to Kiyomizu-dera and lined with shops and restaurants. They are 
busy little streets filled with shops and restaurants...people, bikes and cars 
all share the roads.

Tyler and I am my favorite... Kinkaku-ji or Temple of the Golden Pavilion.

Pictures do not do this temple justice, it is beautiful. 

Pruning the bonsai trees from a boat and very long ladders.

 Tyler at his favorite, Ryoan-ji. The zen garden at this temple is what makes it unique. 
You can not help but just sit and enjoy it.

I love all of these nail covers. At each temple they are slight different. I was lucky enough to pick up a 
pair at an antique store and just need to find a place in our home to hang them. 

 As you go in to each of the temples you have to take your shoes off. Millions of people have sat here 
and put on their shoes.

This is a photo of me at the gardens of a temple near Arashiuama, Tenryu-ji. They were beautiful, we 
spent a while just walking thru the paths and around the pond. 

This is the bamboo forest at Tenryu-ji. 

On our last day in Kyoto we went to Nijo-jo (Nijo Castle). Like in the temples you can not take photos 
of the interior so all we have are memories of the paintings on the walls. They were the most beautiful 
of all we had seen. At Nijo-jo there is a nightingale floor so with every step there was a `squeek` :)

...and we are off to Tokyo; he insisted on carrying both bags down to the subway ;)

Stay tuned from some more photos!

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  1. Hi Lindsey, Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Always nice to find new blogs to follow. And even better when the first post I see is about a place I've been as well. Kyoto! Lovely town. It looks totally different in your pictures as we were there in the middle of winter. But still Japan looks beautiful in all seasons. I hope you had a wonderful time! Claudia