Friday, 10 January 2014

[FROM MY KITCHEN] don't just pin it...try it! 1.0

I am crazy about Pintrest! It has changed the way I look for recipes and inspiration however I tend to "pin" more then actually "try" :( My solution for this problem...over the next 12 weeks I am going to pick one of those recipes and actually give it a try!

Here we go!

The Pin: Pumpkin Fettuccine with Sage
The Source: Camille Styles

I originally pinned this pasta dish because it looked very simple and I like pretty much anything pumpkin. I made a few alterations when cooking to make it a little more to our liking...

          - crisped up the fresh sage by sauteing it in butter, it becomes crunchy and delicious!
          - increased  the ration of pumpkin to cream, the more pumpkin the better ;)
          - doubled (or more) the spice amounts noted in the recipe and also added cayenne pepper

The Consensus: It was GOOD! It was EASY! It was QUICK! We don't actually eat pasta that often at home but this is a recipe that will be added to the repertoire :)

What are your favorite pinned recipes? Let me know + enjoy your weekend :)


  1. oh yum! gotta give this one a try :)

  2. how delicious! i'm making pumpkin pasta tonight!